Pistachio benefits are numerous, it is one of the healthiest and oldest nuts. Pistachio benefits were known to humans since 7000 BC and its benefits continue till today.

Pistachios benefits are numerous because it is loaded with many minerals and vitamins. Pistachios are tasty and delicious food, it is also super healthy food. Because it contains numerous health benefits, it is loaded with healthy fats, antioxidants, fiber, and protein.

Pistachios’ health benefits are countless such as, it is good for weight loss, makes your gut health and promotes heart health.

To know more about the pistachio benefits keep reading this blog. Because today I will share with you the pistachios benefit and its nutritional values, so let’s check out. 

Pistachios Nutrition Values

Pistachios Nutrition Values

Pistachios benefits are countless because it owns superfood that contains all the essential nutrients that your body needs. One of the best ways to consume pistachios is to purchase them unshelled.

Pistachios are one of the nuts that contain most of the nutrients that our human body needs for overall health. According to studies consuming one portion of pistachios in the daily diet can help you to deal with the digestive disorders, diabetes and immunity issues.

The pistachio benefits and nutritional values are. 18 grams or 49 pistachios are providing you:

  • Phosphorus: 11% 
  • Calories: 159
  • Manganese: 15% 
  • Thiamine: 21%
  • Vitamin B6: 28%
  • Potassium: 6%  
  • Copper: 41% 
  • Fiber: 3 grams
  • Carbs: 8 grams
  • Protein: 6 grams
  • Fat: 13 grams (90% are unsaturated fats)
  • Iron: 21

According to the USDA, it’s also rich in vitamin B6, potassium, which regulates the blood sugar and formation of hemoglobin, that carries the oxygen in the red blood cells. 

Pistachios Health Benefits

Pistachio benefits are numerous because they contain high levels of unsaturated potassium and fatty acids. Both nutrients are contained in anti-inflammatory and antioxidants traits.

Eating some pistachios can lower the risk of blood sugar, blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease and make you healthy. So check out these pistachios benefits:

1. Promote Eye Health 

Promote Eye Health

Pistachio benefits for eye health are widely known, because of its antioxidants properties. It is a great source of Zeaxanthin and lutein that can promote eye health because these nutrients are essential for eye health.

According to the American Optometric Association, zeaxanthin and lutein which is present in pistachios can reduce age-related eye health issues. Macular degeneration (AMD) and cataracts are lead to the cause of blindness in the United States.

Researchers had tested pistachios benefits on 10 people that had faced eye-related issues. They gave them daily 2 servings of pistachios before bed for 6 weeks.

After a week they found a greater level of lutein and zeaxanthin in these people as compared to the other peoples who don’t eat pistachios. Because pistachios can protect the eyes from blue light and age-related eye issues. 

2. Make Your Gut Healthy

Pistachio benefits for the gut are numerous because it is great in fiber. Because fiber can encourage healthy digestive systems by moving the food through the gut and it also prevents constipation.

According to one study, researchers had tested the pistachio benefits of 10 people. They gave them daily 1.5 ounces daily pistachios for 3 weeks daily.

After the weeks they had found a better gut in these people. Because pistachio promotes the food bacteria in the gut and makes your gut healthy.  

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3. Pistachio Benefits For Diabetes 

Pistachio Benefits For Diabetes

The pistachio benefits for the patients of diabetes are unbelievable. According to experts, consuming pistachios is effective for Type 2 diabetes especially.

Pistachio can lower the levels of glucose in the body and increase the levels of peptide 1, which lower the blood sugar. According to the study, researchers had tested the benefits of pistachios on 20 people.

They gave them daily 56 grams pistachios for 12 weeks. After the weeks they had found lower blood sugar levels in these people as compared to the other people.  

4. Pistachios During Pregnancy

Pistachios During Pregnancy

Pistachios are contained several healthy nutrients, which are important during pregnancy. Some studies show that eating pistachios before bad while pregnancy is helpful.

Pistachios benefits for breastfeeding are unbelievable because of its nutritional values. So, eat pistachios while pregnancy and during pregnancy before bed.

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5. Pistachio Benefits For Anti Aging

Pistachio Benefits For Anti Aging

Pistachios are a great source of vitamin E that can help to prevent chronic photoaging form the skin. The copper and other nutrients of the pistachios can aid the productions of the elastin.

It also prevents the formation of wrinkles and other sagging skin. Eating the pistachios before bad daily can make your skin youthful and glowing. 

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6. Pistachio Benefits Heart Health

Pistachio Benefits Heart Healthy

According to experts, eating pistachios daily can keep your heart healthy. Because the nutrients that present in the pistachios can lower the cholesterol levels in the bloodstream.

It is a great food for those people who prefer low calories diets because pistachios carbs are low. According to the studies consuming daily pistachios daily, an empty stomach can help to lower the calories and also bring the cholesterol levels as well.

Nuts also a great source of an amino acid which is known as I-arginine, can prevent the hardening of arteries and formation of blood clots. 

Pistachios Vs Almonds

Pistachios Vs Almonds

Pistachio and almond are both contain numerous health benefits in their own ways. They serve good fats almost the same number of calories.

Pistachios can give you 4% of RDI calcium and almond provide 10% of RDI. Pistachios can provide 8% of RDI iron almonds give 6% iron.

But nuts are the best nuts in their own ways. So add both nuts in your diet and get all the health benefits and goodness. 

Pistachios Diet

Pistachios Diet

The best way to eat pistachios by de-sheeling it just opens the shells with the fingers and eats them.

According to the nutritionists and doctors eat daily 1.5 or 3 ounces per day according to the age, health, and gender of the person.

You can also pistachio diet and replace the junk as a mild meal snack and reduce your hunger cravings. Pistachio benefits are numerous so eat them and make your body healthy.

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