Do you know walnut benefits skin, hair & heart? Are Walnuts Good for you? Well, let’s discover what are the benefits of Walnuts?

Walnut is the type of dry fruit that looks like a brain, has multiple folds in it & a bit bitter in taste. Walnut benefits for health are countless because it contains all the nutrients that are essential to the body.

So, to say that Walnut is a just nutritious dry fruit is kind of an understatement. Walnut is not only rich in vitamins and minerals but also rich in Omega -3s.

It is a single seed nut that grows on a walnut tree. Walnut is native to Eastern North America but now it is easily available in China, Iran, and other gulf countries and within the united states, California and Arizona.
It’s quite popular in California by the name of California Walnuts.

Walnut benefits brain power and makes our bone strong. It is rich in Mineral, fiber, protein, omega – 3s and is a tasty and delicious dry fruit which is consumed by people from all over the world.

Walnut benefits in weight management and improves overall health and is certified by the American Heart Association’s Heart-Check mark.

A daily serving or handful of walnuts may help you in maintaining your diet quality to a great level, as walnuts nutrition are very high so we all should add this little dry fruit in our diet to maintain our bone health.

The health benefits of walnuts are countless, so let’s have a look at potential walnut benefits.

Walnut Benefits For Health

1. Walnut Benefits Brain Power

Walnut Benefits For Brain Health

Several studies have indicated that eating walnuts are really beneficial in improving brain function.

As we all know that walnut is rich in omega – 3s, which ultimately helps in the proper functioning of the brain.

In today’s life, people are suffering from stress, anxiety, and depression, so with just a handful of walnuts will benefit you in fighting depression and also helps in memory improvement.

2. Walnut Benefits Bone Health

Bone Health

The good thing about this little dry fruit is that it is packed with nutrients, vitamins and minerals that not only just fill you up but also helps in improving your bone health. So, Walnut Benefits Your Bone as it helps in the absorption of the calcium into the bone.

And in today’s life, eating nuts is the best way to avoid junk food like chips, cold drinks and more as eating nuts and other similar dry fruits like almonds, cashews fill you up to the top and you don’t feel hungry.

3. Walnut Benefits Your Heart

Healthy Heart

Walnut benefits the Heart. The two most common risk factors for the heart are the blood pressure and cholesterol level, so eating just the right amount of walnuts helps in decreasing blood pressure and maintains healthy cholesterol levels.

It is a power-packed food and walnut is really beneficial for the heart as it lowers the bad cholesterol and improves your general health and so the nutrition in walnuts is vital for the body and the health.

According to the evidence in One Study, the researchers had tested the walnut benefits on 10 people.

They gave them 43 grams of walnuts for 9 weeks to those 10 people and asked them to eat it daily and indulge themselves in healthy food diet.

After 9 weeks, they have found a lower risk of heart disease and their blood pressure had decreased as compared to those people who didn’t eat walnuts.

4. Walnut Benefits Against Breast Cancer

Walnut Benefits For Breast Cancer

New research has shown that having two ounces of walnuts a day for about two weeks slowed breast cancer’s cell growth and reduces the risk of developing the disease.

This is another walnut benefit which we should take into consideration. There are certain nutrients that are present in walnuts which helps in eradicating the cancer cells and their growth and ultimately, it helps the women who are suffering from breast cancer.

5. Boost Immunity with Walnuts

Walnut Benefits For Better Immunity

It is the healthiest snack that you should add to your diet for maintaining overall health. Walnut benefits the body in such a way that it increases the immunity so that your body can fight against bacteria

Walnut is rich in antioxidants which keeps the immune system healthy. So go ahead and have some walnuts now, also don’t forget to add two ounces of walnuts in your diet daily. 

6. Walnut Benefits In Stress Releasing

Walnut Benefits For Better Sleep And Relief Stress

All nuts play a significant role in the body and walnut is one such important source of good and healthy fats.

Walnut is rich in omega -3s so in Stress relieve is another advantage of Walnuts. It also keeps blood pressure low, which ultimately gives better sleep.

Also, having walnuts right before your bedtime could actually help you in better sleep.

7. Walnut Benefits In Weight Management

Walnut Benefits For Weight Management

Walnut is rich in protein and fiber and if you consume a handful of walnuts or two ounces of walnuts during your breakfast. It will keep you full till lunchtime.

So, you’re less likely to munch on those extra calories. Thus, walnuts are beneficial in weight management as walnuts provide you essential nutrients so you won’t crave junk food.

According to the evidence in One Study, the researchers had tested the walnut benefits on 15 obese people.

The researchers asked them to drink 48 grams of walnut smoothie once a day for a month and as a result, they have found that their hunger appetite had decreased as walnut is rich in protein and fiber so it kept them full and they didn’t munch the extra calories.

8. Benefits of Walnut for Muscles Strength

Helps In Muscle Recovery

If you’re a fitness enthusiast and a fitness freak, you should always keep walnuts handy in your bag and munch walnuts to avoid the craving.

Because of rich in many vitamins and minerals, walnut benefits in healing the cramps and helps in fast muscle recovery.

9. Walnut Benefits Skin, Hair, And Nail

Walnut Benefits For Skin, Hair, And Nail

It contains essential fiber and nutrients and is rich in vitamin B and vitamin E, which is great for the skin, hair, and nails.

Walnut keeps the skin moisturized as it nourishes the skin from the inside out. Walnut helps in delaying aging, promotes hair growth and helps in improving the overall quality of the skin.

According to the research, Researchers had tested walnuts benefits on 20 older women.

They gave the proper diet plan to those 10 elderly women for a month. They gave another diet plan to rest 10 women and that diet plan didn’t nclude walnuts.

After a month they found a lower risk of impairment & their skin, hair texture got improved as walnuts are rich in vitamin B and vitamin E, which is great for the skin, hair, and nails.

10. Improve Digestive System with Walnuts

Improve Digestive System

Walnuts are rich in fiber which ensures a good digestive system and bowel function.

It also helps in promoting gut health by supporting the good bacteria in the gut.

An unhealthy composition of microbiota in your gut can lead you to the inflammation and gut disease in the body.

Walnut also decreases the risk of cancer, obesity, and heart disease. It also supports the health of the microbiota and makes your gut healthy.

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10. Walnut cleanses Internally

Walnut benefits are in “N” number and known as brain food which can be added to the various recipes to enhance the taste. It acts like an internal vacuum cleaner because it cleans the digestive system from uncountable parasites.

Consuming daily walnuts can clean the body internally and gives you overall health good.

The nutrients of walnuts can also help you to get rid of skin-related issues and lower the risk of allergies or unforeseen health conditions.

12. Treat fungal infections

Are you suffering from fungal infection? Then, one of the best ways to cleanse your fungal inside and outside is to consume black walnuts.

Some studies have shown the benefits of Walnut in fighting the fungal infection and help in curing the fungal infection.

Walnuts are effective against these fungal outgrowths because it contains all nutrients that treats the fungal. Consuming daily walnuts can lower the risk of fungal infections.

How Many Walnuts Should We Consume In A Day?

According to US chemistry professor and Study Researcher “Joe Vinson”, we should consume 7 walnuts a day.

However it is advisable to consult the doctor or your specialist as too many walnuts can cause severe discomfort.

What Is The Best Time to Consume Walnut?

Well, You can have walnuts any time of the day, but the best time to have walnuts is after breakfast so you can retain all the energy that leads to kick-start your day.

The Bottom Line

Walnut benefits are countless so add it in your diet daily as they are tasty, delicious and power-packed dry fruit, loaded with lots of nutrients and antioxidants.

Walnuts nutrients and vitamins contain impressive health benefits, includes improvement in digestion, a lower risk of cancer.

It also promotes bone health and gives you clear, glowy & healthy skin

Walnuts can be eaten raw, cooked, and multiple other ways and it can be transformed into a great recipe.

So go ahead and have some walnuts now and include them in your daily diet. Walnuts are an excellent addition to your healthy diet.

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